IHP Cloud is shutting down on 16th of February

Important Updates on IHP Cloud

With the new year just starting we want to share some news on IHP Cloud with you.

IHP Cloud was initially started when deploying IHP apps was still a very hard process. Initially it involved lots of deep knowledge about the IHP build process to get things going.

Nowadays deploying an IHP is much simpler and you have multiple options:

- via nix: just call nix-build
- via docker: Use the ihp-app-to-docker-image command
- via github actions

Additionally there's now also Shipnix. It's similiar to IHP Cloud, but with a major difference: It runs on your own Digital Ocean account. So you have full control over the server where your IHP app is deployed. Shipnix is based on nix, this also allows for more custom deployment scenarios.

Sunsetting IHP Cloud

As IHP Cloud is not getting the attention it needs by digitally induced, and given the many new options, we've decided to sunset IHP Cloud. At digitally induced we're a heavy user of IHP Cloud ourselves. We plan to migrate our own projects from IHP Cloud over to Shipnix and AWS in the coming weeks.

We plan to shut down IHP Cloud at 16th of Feb. On this date all IHP Cloud apps will be shut down and all data will be deleted.

IHP Cloud subscriptions will be automatically cancelled on the last day of service (16th of Feb). You can cancel your subscription earlier by going to the project settings: Billing: Change Payment details.

Other commercial IHP offerings like IHP Pro and IHP Business are not affected by this change.


We suggest you check out shipnix's migration guide if you're interested in migrating your IHP Cloud project over to shipnix.

You can find other deployment options in the IHP Deployment Guide.

Reach out if you have any questions!

Marc Scholten
Founder digitally induced

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Change Log


Custom Env Vars in IHP Cloud Hobby

A quick update on the IHP Cloud pricing: Custom env variables are now available as part of the IHP Cloud Hobby plan. Previously it was only available if you were on IHP Cloud Pro.



We finally shipped an often requested feature: Cronjobs 🎉 You can now schedule any IHP Script to be run at periodic intervals.

Cronjob Settings

You can configure the cronjobs inside the Project settings:

Cronjob Status

In the Cronjob Settings you can see all recent runs by clicking on an cronjob:

You can also see output of individual runs:

Try it out and schedule something today! :)


Improved Build Infrastructure

All app builds are now run on a dedicated build server. This allows for faster builds and fixes the recent issues when too many people are deploying at the same time.


Custom project roots

If your ihp project isn't at the root of your repository, that won't be a problem anymore, as we now automatically detect the correct folder to import!

Github Integration

More GitHub integration features coming soon!


Job Queue, Optimized Builds and USD Pricing

Job Queue support

IHP Cloud now supports the job queue feature of IHP! If you haven't had a chance to play around with it, now's your chance.

Optimized builds

You can now deploy optimized builds of your page again, if you're on the Pro plan. The deployment will take longer, but it's worth the wait, since your app is going to be faster!

USD Pricing

When upgrading your project to a paid plan, you now have the option to pay in $USD instead of €EUR! If that's been a complicatio for you, now's the time to upgrade.


Time Picker for Analytics, Beta for GitHub Commit Status

Time Picker

The Analytics section of your IHP Cloud projects now have a time picker. By default it's set to only show data for the current day. This time picker is useful to e.g. quickly find out the total visitiors of the last 30 days.

GitHub Commit Status (Beta)

If you have access to the GitHub integration already, you will now see IHP Cloud deployment status inside GitHub. The GitHub integration will soon be available to all users of IHP Cloud.


Referrers in Analytics and prettier logs

Referrers in Analytics

If you've recently visited the Analytics page on one of your projects, you might have already seen a list of referrers to your page! With a simple click on "Show more sources" you'll be able to see even more. We also give you the amount of referrals.

Wrapped logs

The logs in the Monitoring tab of your project are now wrapped! There have also been some other small visual improvements. Take a look!


Cancel Builds, GitHub Login and more

Cancel Builds

We finally added a way to cancel builds. If you've deployed recently, you've likely already seen the new cancel button next to the build status.

GitHub Login

You can now connect your GitHub account with IHP Cloud. This is part of our full GitHub integration, which is coming soon. On the login page you'll now find a big Continue with GitHub button to login with your connected GitHub account.

To connect your existing IHP Cloud with a github account, go to your account settings and click on Github Account.

Log Improvements

IHP Cloud now configures your IHP app so that it prints out the real user IP inside the log output. Previously it was always printing out the IP address of the load balancer.

This improvement uses the new IHP_REQUEST_LOGGER_IP_ADDR_SOURCE=FromHeader environment variable option which is going to be included in IHP v0.9.

Additionally logs are now imported every 5 minutes. Previously logs were only imported once a day.



You can find the logs on the Monitoring page of your project, right below the CPU & Memory and Uptime Monitoring. If available, logs from the past back to the date of the latest deployment should also show up.


Automatic DB Snapshots

You can now enable automatic daily creation of DB snapshots. You can find this in the Project settings by clicking on Database Snapshots.


Password Protection

You can now have private apps by putting a password protection in front. You can find this new feature by click the Project Settings and then clicking Password Protection.


Improved DB latency

We moved the IHP Cloud Database server physically closer to the app server. Recently we moved the app servers and this caused an increase in average request latency. Now the latency is back to normal.


New Hobby Plan

We have added a new plan Hobby. It's between Prototype and Pro and is 6 € per month. We've also added a new pricing page.


New Server Region

The IHP Cloud App Containers are now served from germany instead of AWS us-east-1. We're also not primarly using AWS anymore to host the application. This gives us more flexibility in pricing.


Uptime Monitoring on Pro Plan

If your project is on the Pro plan it is now getting monitored by IHP Cloud. Whenever your domain is not reachable you will get a notification for it and another one when it is reachable again.


Graphs on Stats Page Fixed

Graphs on the Stats Page should now reliable show up. Previously they sometimes didn't show up.


Restart App

You can now restart a running app by visiting the project Settings and then clicking the Restart App button.

If the app was deployed before 03.11.2020 you might be hit by a 502 error shortly after restarting has completed. For apps deployed since 03.11.2020 the app will be ready once the restart process has finished (no 502 after the restart has completed).


This Change Log has been added

We'll continously update this change log so you know about what's happening on IHP Cloud :)


502 Error after Deployment fixed

We have fixed the issue causing 502 errors being shown just after a fresh new deployment. The issue was caused by the app not being fully started up when traffic was already routed to it. As of today traffic will only be routed to an app that has completed starting up and is reachable.


Auto-Restart App on Failure

The application server process will be automatically restarted when the app is not responding for more than 45 seconds. Previously when the app was stuck due to an database connection error or an endless loop you had to manually redeploy the app to trigger a restart.


Redesign of Stats Page

Click on Stats inside on of your Projects and take a look.

Previously stats have been deleted when a new version was deployed of your app. Now they persist even after a deployment, so you can see more data when you are deploying very often


Improved Build Log

The Build Log visible when running a deployment now automatically scroll to the end. This helps you to see possible error messages and the current status faster.


Build Failures Detected Properly

When an IHP Cloud project fails to build due to e.g. a syntax or type error the build will now be aborted.


High Prio for Pro User Apps

Projects by Pro Users are now given higher priority than Prototype projects when the backend server is under high load.


Custom Domains can be changed

Previously it was not possible to change your custom domain once it has been successfully been used for a project. This now works without any issues.